Founder Bio


Tina Alexander is a digital strategist, product evangelist, and innovation enthusiast. Prior to founding Digital Faire, Tina ran digital marketing and ecommerce for Celebrity Cruises and Entertainment Benefits Group, where she focused on acquisition, optimization, and analytics.  She has held product management leadership positions at The Wall Street Journal,, and Weight Watchers. She graduated from Columbia University, and earned her MBA at Duke University.  In her free time, Tina practices yoga, savors sunsets, watches tennis, travels, and drinks espresso.


What We Do


Digital Faire helps organizations leverage established and emerging digital tools to engage customers and deliver financial results.  We create sensible solutions to grow businesses and profitability.

Our clients range from big brands to SMEs and non-profits.  We are based in both Miami Beach and New York City.  We can embed with your team, tackle specific KPIs as special projects, or conduct independent industry, competitor, and trend analyses.